OPINION: A right and honourable thing? - mrbrown

mrbrown.com, 14 Dec 2012
TODAY: Palmer resignation "right and honourable":
Former Speaker of Parliament Michael Palmer "did the right and honourable thing" by resigning, Minister of State (Health and Manpower) Amy Khor said yesterday.
"Like many others I am very shocked and saddened by the news of Michael Palmer's resignation under such circumstances," she said.
"In fact my heart goes out to the family but I think he did the right and honourable thing to resign because MPs and politicians must uphold the highest standard of integrity in personal conduct in order to earn the respect and trust and confidence of people who have elected us to represent them."
Amy Khor, there was nothing "right" or "honourable" about this whole sordid affair. If an affair is about to leak, with all the emails and SMSes already in the hands of the press, what else is there to do BUT to confess and resign?
You'd think Michael Palmer won the Nobel Peace Prize for Curing Cancer for Little Kittens or something, the way Amy Khor put it.