Who is Ho Yeow Sun? - Elizabeth Soh

Yahoo! News Singapore, 26 Jun 2012
Who is the woman behind beleaguered City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee, now at the centre of the most shocking probe into a religious organization in Singapore?
Ho Yeow Sun, who now styles herself Sun Ho, is no stranger to controversy or the spotlight.
She is expected to come even under more scrutiny after her husband and four other key ministry members were reportedly arrested Tuesday morning for allegedly using church funds to funnel S$23 million into promoting her music and albums.
Since first bursting onto the scene in 2003 as Kong Hee’s Mando-pop singing wife, Ho has been praised and slammed in equal parts by a public shocked by her skimpy dressing and blatant use of her husband’s church as a platform to promote her music albums. Full story

Who is Sun Ho, Wife of Singapore City Harvest Church Founder Accused of Fraud? - International Business Times
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