OPINION: Sweetener for 'Pioneer Generation' to buy votes for the PAP as election nears

The Star Online, 1 Mar 2014
Recently announced healthcare measures could be targeting senior votes, which are badly needed to offset declining support from young Singaporeans.
THE generation most loyal to the ruling party – and now wavering a little – is being wooed like never before.
The government, faced with the eroding support of young Singaporeans, has launched its biggest healthcare initiative for the elderly to date.
The S$8bil (RM20.7bil) plan under Budget 2014, to be spread over a period of years, aims at subsidising part of the rising healthcare costs of people who are aged 65 and above.
The timing of the Pioneer Package comes two years before the general election is due.
It is termed the “mother of all elections” by some analysts because it is likely to be the most hotly contested and crucial election in modern times.
It is imperative for PAP’s future that the health measures bring in the senior votes, which are badly needed to offset the dropping support of young Singaporeans.
“It is obvious that the ruling party wants to consolidate or win back the estimated half a million senior votes,” said a political analyst.
A forumer said: “This is sheer naked vote buying.” Full story