Geylang descends into 3rd World sleazy gangland hotspot controlled by PRC mobsters - report, 29 Mar 2014

Step into some parts of Geylang and you might think that you have just stepped into the set of a gangster movie. Many of its lorongs are a hotbed of vice and crime.
Streetwalkers openly parade in tight clothes despite the presence of surveillance cameras. Nearby, motorcyclists flash their bike lights, a signal that they are interested in buying contraband cigarettes.
Other vices that are part of the landscape of Geylang: Sale of illegal drugs such as codeine and sex pills, and gambling dens.
But in recent years, the prostitutes and their pimps have become more brazen.
Foreign workers are now acting as lookouts, runners and promoters of the women.
And they are willing to resort to violence to escape arrest. Full story