Hong Kong Celebrity Chow Yun-fat Supports Hong Kong Democracy Protestors

Deadline.com, 2 Oct 2014
Hong Kong actor and international star Chow Yun-fat has become one of the few high-profile local stars to speak out on the current pro-democracy protests in his native country. “I’ve met the residents, the students — they are very brave, and it’s touching to see that they’re fighting for what they want,” he said in an interview with newspaper Apple Daily. “The students are reasonable. If the government can come up with a solution that the citizens or students are satisfied with, I believe the crisis will end.” Per Channel News Asia, he added that the use of tear gas on protesters this weekend was excessive. “When the government uses violent measures on students, it’s a turn-off for the people of Hong Kong,” the actor said. “I don’t wish to see anyone getting hurt. … It was a peaceful demonstration, and there was no need for any violence or tear gas.” Link