Conservative author cum filmmaker of Indian origin Dinesh D'Souza gets 5 years probation for illegal donations to US politician

The New York Times, 23 Sep 2014
The conservative author and documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was spared prison time on Tuesday after pleading guilty earlier this year to violating federal campaign finance laws.
Judge Richard M. Berman of Federal District Court in Manhattan sentenced Mr. D’Souza to five years of probation — including eight months living under supervision in a “community confinement center” in San Diego — and a $30,000 fine. The sentencing brought to a close a high-profile legal battle that began with Mr. D’Souza’s indictment in January on charges that he illegally used straw donors to contribute to a Republican Senate candidate in New York in 2012.
The government charged Mr. D’Souza with illegally arranging to have two people — an employee and a woman with whom he was romantically involved — donate $10,000 each to the campaign of an old friend from Dartmouth College, Wendy E. Long, with the understanding that he would reimburse them in cash for their contributions. Full story

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