PRC insurance agents going door-to-door to con senior citizens with false information about the insurance they are selling

Hardwarezone Forum, 24 Sep 2014
At about 8.40pm a Chinese speaking female agent that sounds a lot like a China women knock on my door asking if there are anyone between the age of 40-60 years old or 45-60 years old ( I did not pay much attention when she asked me the first time and I am the only 1 at home and I am not within this age group). I reply “no” and walk back to my bedroom.
While in my room I heard her knocking my neighbours’ door but resume packing my items. But as she kept on speaking none stop it gets more and more annoying to me as the way she speaks is CLEARLY SOUNDS LIKE SHE IS TRYING TO MISLEAD MY OLD NEIGHBOUR.
She repeatedly bring out the word “Singapore Government” many times and make it sounds like she is working on behalf of our local Government. Another reason why I assume she is China lady beside her China tone Chinese that is not commonly found in Singaporean Chinese is that she uses the word “Singapore” infront of Government. For locals, we merely says “Government”.
She claim it is an insurance that is brought by our “Singapore Government” for everyone between the age of 40-60 years old or 45-60 years old. Which I instantly know is NOT TRUE.
At this point I am really pissed and mad at her FALSE CLAIMS and MISLEADING so I stomp out of my house to interrupt their conversation by telling my neighbour that the money is deducted from her CPF account thus it wasn’t free as claimed by that agent. Full story