OPINION: How many fake FTs like Yang YIn are out there in Singapore?

All Singapore Stuff, 15 Sep 2014
Undeniably, our loose immigration has brought in fakes from all over the world.
We just had Yang Yin from China who was granted PR and EP almost instantaneously when he claimed to have graduated from the prestigious Zhejiang University of China, a China Ivy League in the class of Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University.
However his job was a tour guide in China and ICA valued him so much as a rare Foreign Talent. He went on to cheat a rich 87-year widow of $40 million of her assets.
Imagine the stupidity of ICA, a graduate from an Ivy Leage University whose occupation was a tour guide. Clearly something is wrong, his qualification got to be a fake.
Worst than that he even managed to infiltrate the PM’s AMK GRC as a grassroots leader and impersonated as a Director of the Singapore Chinese Chamber Of Commerce and Industry. Full story