LETTER: CPF Board refused to give statement of account to deceased's nominee

Hardwarezone Forum, 7 Jul 2014
My uncle passed away not too long ago, leaving behind my aunty and my two teenage cousins. He had been the sole breadwinner of the household so it hasn't been easy on my aunty who is still in grief and now has to support her two children by herself.
My uncle had named her as the sole nominee to his CPF money prior to his death. This means that upon his demise, his CPF savings now belonged to my aunty. When the money was paid out to her, we had hoped it would help somehow reduce her burden. It turned out that the money paid out was not very significant.
My aunty requested my help to write to CPF Board to ask for my uncle's last statement. I did but the request was rejected by them. They claimed that the statement was confidential information that they could not release. If my aunty wanted this info, she would have to get a court order first. She was very upset. I found out that a court order could cost a few thousand dollars!! Can you believe that? Full story