Isetan Wisma Atria store managers allegedly kicked sportswear female promoter out of the store for wearing tudung, 11 Jul 2014
Today, I am appalled, angered, disgusted, devastated. I could go on, but I would rather not. In this month of Ramadan, my younger sister a part-time employee from PUMA was treated in a prejudiced, biased manner just because of the cloth she wears over her head.
She was sent to ISETAN located at Wisma Atria to help mend the PUMA section in the ISETAN outlet due to a lack of manpower. An hour later two ISETAN managers approached another staff at PUMA and conversed in Mandarin while throwing dirty looks at my sister and made hand signals indicating the headscarf she was wearing. She was then approached by the PUMA staff and was informed that she had to leave the premises as she was wearing a headscarf and should not be working there. Full story