Philippine government forced Google to take down "Blood Stained Singapore" blog over an anti-pinoy post

The Global Dispatch, 19 Jun 2014
In a follow-up to a story Tuesday, the Singaporean blog that contained a posting about all kinds of mean and rude things you can do to Filipinos in the country has been taken down.
“Blood Stained Singapore”, the blog on the Google platform, Blogger is now gone.
The Philippines Embassy in Singapore requested action with the host country authorities against the author/blog owner after a June 16 post caused a stir due to what some may consider- racist and dangerous actions Singaporeans should take against Filipinos working in the country.
Some Singaporeans have been expressing their discontent with what they consider “lax” immigration laws claiming foreigners are stealing away their jobs.
The investigation is ongoing. Link

Philippine embassy demands Singapore government take action against an anti-pinoy blog post