Singapore government refutes SCMP report that Singaporeans no longer trust the PAP leaders

XIN MSN News, 13 Jun 2014
The Republic’s Consul-General in Hong Kong, Mr Jacky Foo, on Friday (June 13) rebutted the claims made in a South China Morning Post (SCMP) report on June 9 which said “Singaporeans no longer trust their leaders”.
In a forum letter to SCMP, Mr Foo said the report, titled “Writer Catherine Lim’s open letter to Singaporean PM fuels social media debate”, quoted author Ms Catherine Lim as saying that Singaporeans no longer trust their leaders.
Mr Fo point out that Ms Lim had first made the claim two decades ago in 1994, when the ruling (PAP) had won the 1991 general election with 61 per cent of the vote, a result which Ms Lim thought was a poor performance indicating a “great affective divide” between the Government and the people.
Since then, the ruling party has taken the country through a number of serious crises relatively unscathed and won four further general elections by healthy margins, Full story