OPINION: ST Opinion Editor Chua Mui Hoong shows her true colours as a PAP supporter

The Alternative View, 1 Jun 2014

Look who's shedding her disguise as a neutral commentator and showing her true colors as a PAP supporter?
Chua Mui Hoong, sister of former (and current?) ISD agent Chua Lee Hoong, wrote a report today telling The Workers' Party to "grow up".
She says that WP should start offering policy alternatives apart from just acting as a check on the Government.
Seriously, Chua Mui Hoong?
Who in the PAP do you think offers serious policy alternatives?
Ang Wei Neng who suggested to send our younger generation to third world countries so they can appreciate Singapore more?
Lim Biow Chuan who suggested that parents set aside two days a week as "homework free" days? Full story