OPINION: The cause of growing anti-Filipino sentiments in Singapore

The Real Singapore, 19 Jun 2014
Recently, a blog that has been circulating online caught my attention. It was about someone suggesting all forms of ways and means on how to ill treat Pinoys when the opportunity presents itself. Though I disagree with such childish and aggressive behavior, I Understand where the hate stems from.
I caught up with a friend and we were just exchanging stories about our careers. But what she shared with me about working with Pinoys made me reflect on my own experiences. But first, let me share her story.
My friend M is from the hotel industry with 3 years of experience. She had recovered from an accident and managed to apply for a supervisory position because of her experience and qualification. However the salary they offered her was ridiculously low for her position at $1700 in a reknowned 4 Star hotel. Due to financial pressure she took the offer, grateful for having a job. In her department, she was the only local. Her manager was Pinoy and her surbodinates were also Pinoys. Full story

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