‘Robotic’ Young PAP comical video montage on Youtube draws flak online - report

Yahoo! News Singapore, 13 May 2014

A video montage showing members of the youth wing of the ruling People’s Action Party trying to drum up passion for public service has been slammed by online viewers for, ironically, sounding “robotic”.
The 4-minute and 44-second video, which was first uploaded on YouTube by PeopleActionPartyHQ, drew criticism after it was shared on Facebook page Must Be Singapore on Sunday.
The video showed the aspiring politicians expressing their motivation to “re-ignite the passion of servant leadership”, “re-enforce our heritage that we are the party for ALL Singaporeans” and “re-establish emotional connect (sic) with Singaporeans”.
Unfortunately, many viewers found that the youngsters sounded anything but passionate and emotional.
“Sad to see youths talking like parrots and reading scripts with bad diction and pronunciation,” says a Caroline Thomas Lingham in a comment left on Must Be Singapore’s FB post of the video.  Full story

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