OPINION: PM Lee’s threat of lawsuit against blogger shows 3 weaknesses

Doulosyap.wordpress.com, 20 May 2014
So PM Lee Hsien Loong has decided that he will sue blogger Roy Ngerng of thehearttruths.com unless Ngerng apologises, takes down an offending article and pays for damages and costs.
The letter of demand is an old-school weapon – heavy, effective, and double-edged. It also has serious knock-on effects, and pretty much ignores everything else going on in the environment. It’s basically a nuclear weapon from the medieval age, if monks had spent more time studying physics instead of perfecting beer. I for one am glad there were no medieval nukes.
The most interesting thing about the letter of demand is the fact that it is a reminder of a persistent weakness in the G’s (or at least PM’s) gameplan. Full story