OPINION: I Can’t Be A Singaporean Anymore – Deborah Tan

Materialworldsingapore.com, 15 May 2014
I think the most repellant thing about Singapore right now is the way retirees are treated here. The message is clear: we are all worker ants feeding the queen, and we work for her until we are no longer able to, until we die from exhaustion. There is absolutely no way we can all enjoy our “golden years” with all the regulations surrounding our CPF money. Our government has decided that there is just one and only one way our retirees can use their hard-earned money.
It’s a pitiful existence, one that gives you enough to not die. If it’s our money, why are we not allowed to exercise autonomy over it?
The most heartbreaking thing, perhaps, is seeing our old people work so hard at foodcourt and at fast food restaurants, because whatever meager sums they have, they probably have to use it to pay their bills and loans … sums of money so huge, it was impossible to have paid them off by the time they retired.
If we have precious little to meet the minimum sum in the first place, will extending our misery by paying us a paltry amount every month help at all?
If being Singaporean means playing the CPF game, then, I can’t abide by the rules. I would have to seriously consider leaving my home of 30 over years behind.. Full story