OPINION: Full protections must be given to minors in Toa Payoh case

The Online Citizen, 10 May 2014
If you’re 17 years old in Singapore, you don’t qualify to vote. You don’t qualify to be conscripted.
However, you apparently qualify to have your identity exposed and your character dragged through the mud if you stand accused of a crime.
Most of the mainstream media publications in Singapore have been quick to censor the “sensitive” aspects of the graffiti that was scrawled in public view. They seem equally anxious to “expose” and humiliate the alleged perpetrators of this “sensitive” crime.
Faces of the 17 year old boys in the police van squinting in the glare of camera flash adorn the online versions of the mainstream press. The boys look visibly shaken.
This behaviour is repugnant, and I hope the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) steps in to issue the necessary cautions to the mainstream media.
The AGC should act quickly because it is both legally and morally correct for them to intervene to keep the media in check. Full story