LETTER: Changi General Hospital told 73-year-old man the waiting time for check-up is 1 year

Sammyboy.com, 12 May 2014
I AM a 73-year-old Singaporean. Late last month, I went to the polyclinic for my usual check-up.
I asked the doctor to refer me to Changi General Hospital as I also had a slight backache.
The earliest appointment date Changi General Hospital has available is some time next year. I find this extremely unacceptable, especially since I live near the hospital.
I then asked to be referred to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, which gave me an appointment in July, which is reasonable.
What I don't understand is the long waiting time to see a doctor at Changi General Hospital. An old man waiting nearly a year to see a doctor - is this acceptable?
Tan Boon Hai