Hundreds of Singaporeans gather at Speakers' Corner to denounce PAP's immigration, jobs policies

Bangkok Post, 1 May 2014
Hundreds of Singaporeans rallied Thursday to denounce the government's immigration and labour policies amid a fresh wave of anti-foreigner sentiment in the city-state.
Protesters, estimated by an AFP reporter to number around 400, wore black headbands with the words "Protect Singaporean Rights" in red as they chanted slogans against the long-ruling People's Action Party.
Protest leader Gilbert Goh, an employment counsellor, said the rally was intended to display Singaporeans' continued dissatisfaction with the large foreign population in the city-state.
"When we speak up for the country, we are branded as xenophobes, " he told AFP. "I am doing all this for my country, I am willing to die for my country." Full story

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