EDB pimps Singapore out to more Indian IT companies, start-ups with liberal employment passes and tax breaks

Daily News & Analysis, 28 Apr 2014
Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB) is in talks with leading Indian IT companies and start-ups to expand their presence into Singapore which its government is pruning into APAC's hub for digital technologies – the current IT buzzword
Remarked a representative of SEDB, "We are in discussions with a couple of companies from the south of India, along the lines of a centre of excellence in retail or healthcare, where they can have teams of 5-10 employees in Singapore. In exchange for companies setting up base in Singapore, we offer certain tax incentives, where the current tax rate of 17% - second lowest in the world after Hong Kong – can be further lowered to 15%, in case the company meets certain conditions like an annual turnover of S$3 million within three years of operation, and employing a certain percentage of locals in the company, through university placements, etc." Full story