Singapore protest organiser ‘puzzled’ by police response on burning effigy

Yahoo! News Singapore, 5 Feb 2014
An organiser of the transport fare hike protest said on Tuesday that he is “puzzled” by the response the police had given regarding their decision to stop protesters from burning an effigy at Hong Lim Park.
The police explained in a statement that the burning of effigies may constitute offences under other legislations such as the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act.
“Under NParks regulations, activities that involve the use of fire in Speakers’ Corner require the Commissioner of Parks’ approval,” they said.
This response has left protest organiser Gilbert Goh feeling even more “puzzled”.
“Yes, we are puzzled as to why we can't burn an effigy during a protest when, internationally, effigies are burnt worldwide as a sign of protest against certain errant policies. It’s not meant to be personal,” said Goh in an e-mail to Yahoo Singapore.
He also felt that the police have “flip flop” the rules to “suit their interest”. Full story