PRC woman verbally abused and slapped Singaporean toilet attendant at Waterloo food centre - report

The Real Singapore, 7 Feb 2014
I saw a PRC woman yelling at the toilet attendant at the Waterloo food centre near Bugis. The woman had thrown rubbish on the toilet attendant's table instead of the rubbish bin.
The attendant then reportedly questioned the woman about her actions, which lead to the heated argument.
The foreign woman was really aggressive, pointing her finger right in the auntie's face and daring her to call the police.
She even hit the auntie's face. She stop and walk away after she saw me recording a video of her.
The toilet auntie can be seen crying after the incident.
Why are Singaporeans being bullied in all aspect and level of life by Foreigners?
I feel so sad for the auntie after this incident.


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