OPINION: COI found Straits Times in contempt of court, will AGC take action?

The Online Citizen, 20 Feb 2014
Retired High Court Judge and head of the Little India Committee of Inquiry Justice G P Selvam was crystal clear: ST was “in plain Contempt of Court” and was clearly guilty of “plain and simple interference with witnesses”.
This is a serious allegation made by a judicial authority.
If there is no follow-up action or statement from the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), serious questions will rightly be asked by the public about whether the law of Contempt of Court is being applied evenly.
If no action is taken by AGC or no detailed explanation provided for any inaction, there could be deep and lingering disquiet about whether the law is being evenly applied.
In any action or explanation by AGC, the test of fairness to be met is this: if a sitting Judge had said that a socio-political website or a blogger was “plainly” in contempt of Court, what action would the AGC take? Full story