OPINION: Bad habits of the PAP

Hardwarezone Forum, 19 Feb 2014
1) Frame the issue in terms of ridiculous extremes - if the people are against the Govt's immigration policy, then it must be that we want to "shut (our) doors to foreigners". A good example - Tan Chuan Jin here.
So either we open the doors wide the way PAP deems fit (which incidentally leads to 6.9 million by 2030), or "shut (our) doors to foreigners".
Today's PAP ministers must have learnt this from LKY who infamously said : "either we (pursue growth at all costs) or be prepared to send our daughters to work as maids overseas".
2) When something goes wrong, express "disappointment". This is tai-chi 101:
Yaacob Ibrahim expressed "disappointment" at M1's recent network outrage.
Lui Tuck Yew expressed "disappointment" when the MRT (yet again) recently broke down.
DPM Teo Chee Hean expressed "disappointment" when a gila woman from Malaysia managed to effortlessly penetrate our borders and went undetected for days, despite nationwide alert.
I'm not sure where they learn this from. Maybe its (PAP's) human nature? Full story