MINDEF officer misled Cathy Strong into believing that NSF whistleblower will not be punished - report

TR Emeritus, 28 Feb 2014
A member of the Animal Lovers League (ALL), Cathy Strong, has surfaced to shed more light on the alleged abuse of the Pasir Ris camp dog.
On 26 February 2014, TRE reported that a kind-hearted NSF whistleblower who had made a video of a dog tied to a shower stall in a military camp by a Lieutenant-Colonel (LTC) was charged while the LTC was not [Link].
According to Cathy, an officer from MINDEF had approached her for information on the whistleblower and had assured her that they were merely investigating the alleged dog abuse and the whistleblower would not be charged. He would at most be issued a “stern warning”.
Apparently, the officer’s assurance was an inducement to Cathy to reveal the identity of the whistleblower because MINDEF promptly charged the whistleblower and his non-commissioned officer once Cathy divulged that information. Full story

Dog Abuse in Pasir Ris Army Camp: MINDEF punishes NSF whistleblower, senior SAF officer who abuses dog goes scot-free