HUMOR: Singaporeans apologise to SMRT CEO for causing his trains to break down frequently

New Nation, 24 Feb 2014

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to take the MRT train because cars are for rich people, are feeling apologetic and sincerely sorry.
This after they caused the North South MRT Line to break down again this Monday morning during peak hour as they all got ready for work and school at the same time at 7am.
One Singaporean, Jin Soh Lee, said he would like to personally apologise to SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek for causing him inconvenience: “I’m sorry Desmond Kuek. I caused your MRT system to break down again. Please forgive me and my fellow commuters for making you work harder to oversee that there is no more train faults even when all of these problems are not your fault.” Read More
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