When the going gets tough, ex-ISD chief Pang Kin Keong wanted to crawl back to bed with covers over his head. He is now the Perm Sec at Ministry of Transport

Comment: Is this why our transportation system is so screwed up? The ex-ISD chief who fails miserably during Mas Selamat fiasco is now the Perm Sec at Ministry of Transport! 

Yahoo News Singapore, 24 Jan 2014
The man who was at the helm of Singapore’s Internal Security Department (ISD) has opened up for the first time about the now-infamous escape of Jamah Islamiyah Singapore chief Mas Selamat from the Whitley Detention Centre.
Now the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Transport, former ISD director Pang Kin Keong said in an interview with Challenge, a civil service magazine, that the incident, which happened on 27 February 2008, was the lowest point of his two-decade career working for the government.
“I’ll be honest,” he was quoted as saying. “When I read the newspapers or my email, (I felt) like slumping and going back to bed, under the covers.” Full story