PM Lee warned Singaporeans against having "lynch mob mentality" on foreign talents like Anton Casey and Amy Cheong

The Malay Mail Online, 29 Jan 2013
SINGAPORE, Jan 29 — Citing the recent episode involving Briton Anton Casey, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday cautioned Singaporeans against having a lynch mob mentality, as he noted how social media has complicated society’s fault lines.
Mr Lee also mentioned the incidents where former National Trades Union Congress employee Amy Cheong and a fictitious Facebook character “Heather Chua” were condemned by Singaporeans online for posting racist comments.
“Yes, somebody has done something wrong, repudiate it, condemn it, but do not lower ourselves to that same level to behave in a way which really makes us all so ashamed of ourselves to become abusive, hateful mobs, especially online and anonymously,” said Mr Lee.
“You scold, you swear, you curse — all the wrong instincts get fed and in a group, there are certain group dynamics and it is like a pack of hounds hunting, which is bad,” Mr Lee said.
“We risk having an over-reaction, we risk having unrestrained, anonymous viciousness on the Internet,” he added..... Full story