OPINION: Transport Fare Hike: Concession Is For Govt-Linked Operators

Singapore Notes, 17 Jan 2013

Forget about the gee-whiz graphics. The important thing is that adult card fares for buses and trains will increase by 4 to 6 cents per journey starting 6 April. The other thing of importance to note is that the rip-off revenue from the fare increase is at least $53.5 million. Bus operations will cream off $48 million, while rail operations pocket an extra $5.5 million. On average, adult commuters end up paying $21 more a year, while senior citizens and students are poorer by $10 to $7. That math is not in the fancy diagram.
Lest we forget, those travel concession passes for senior citizens and students are pre-paid expenses.
Should members of either category happen to take less trips - because of sicknesses or other reasons that prevent them from boarding a daily train or bus - there's no rebate on the monthly ticket value. Full story
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