OPINION: As space tightens, Singaporeans suffocate

Yawningbread.wordpress.com, 31 Dec 2013

The year 2013′s first big surprise was the groundswell of support for Transitioning’s protest against the White Paper that envisaged a 6.9 million population. Whilst throughout it was tinged with unapologetic xenophobia, which made many, including myself, keep an arm’s length away from it, it unarguably tapped into widespread dismay among Singaporeans (including Permanent Residents) that we are being crowded out. Waiting lists for public housing flats had been lengthening and their prices rising. Public transport has become a squeeze. But most of all, people felt being crowded out of jobs as our open-door policy brought in virtually unlimited numbers of S-Pass and Employment Pass holders.
The latter groups competed directly against Singaporeans for jobs, and had a wage-depressing effect. (Singaporeans, by my observation, tend to be a lot more understanding about the need for Work Permit holders, since they largely do essential jobs that Singaporeans don’t want to do.)   Full story