OPINION: Are old-fashioned coffee shops slowly dying out? - Seah Chiang Nee

The Star Online, 11 Jan 2014
In recent years, three out of five, including one by the unlikely name of Sputnik, have closed to make way for more profitable ventures.
Their disappearance mirrors a changing Singapore, where many past lifestyles are gradually being erased.
The coffee shop is an old institution that makes life in one of the world’s most expensive cities more liveable.
Stalls that operate there dish out – for only a few dollars – some of the most exotic Asian dishes, with diversity unmatched in many other countries.
The latest closure came as a number of coffee shops on the island raised the prices for a cup of coffee and tea by 10 cents (26 sen) to one dollar (RM2.60).
The decision was reportedly made by the new owner who wants to open a more up-market Thai restaurant. Full story
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