Lim Swee Say hints at PAP having difficulty recruiting able candidates as he declares his interest to run for next General Election

TR Emeritus, 27 Jan 2014
The Chinese media reported yesterday (27 Jan) that Minister in Prime Minister’s Office Lim Swee Say will still want to contest in the next general election [Link]. Mr Lim is also the secretary-general of NTUC.
He declared his interest to contest in East Coast GRC in the next general election during an interview with the Chinese media.
He told Zaobao, “I have made up my mind. I want to contest in East Coast, in Bedok, and fight for another chance to serve the residents of East Coast.”
He is the MP in East Coast GRC’s Bedok ward.
Previously in 2 separate occasions, he gave indications that 2011 general election would be his last. The first time he indicated was in Parliament in 2007:
“By 2016, when I’m 62, if I still have to stand for election to serve as secretary-general of NTUC, to serve as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office… our effort in attracting the best people to form the best team must have run into some difficulties.” Full story