Head of government-sponsored Singapore Kindness Movement Dr William Wan bemoans Singaporeans' lack of empathy and understanding for Anton Casey in ST article

Hardwarezone Forum, 24 Jan 2014
"Empathy for your fellow human being, no matter how bad that person, is a large part of what makes us humans.
To be fair, while a large portion of the community felt good about the "punishment" for Anton Casey, many also called for forgiveness since he has apologised. So the feeling of gloating when someone gets his come-uppance isn't exactly unanimous.
It is, however, significant enough for us to ask ourselves if we are losing touch with our empathetic nature.
It is indeed hard to reach for empathy and understanding, especially when one gets swept up in the emotions that such offensive conduct invariably brings out in us. Yet we must do so, to resist the tide of least resistance that would sweep us into concurring or even celebrating the condemnation of others who offend people like us." - Dr William Wan, Sec Gen Singapore Kindness Movement
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