Elderly Singaporean security guard fired for offending wealthy PRC country club member

The Real Singapore, 20 Jan 2014
My father is 62 years old and used to be a security guard for an “A” rated security firm. In Singapore, security firms have various grades given to them by the police. Needless to say, firms need an “A” grade in order to secure the most lucrative contracts from the big clients such as the polys and banks.
Recently, he was on duty at a high-end country club and had an unpleasant encounter. Although unpleasant encounters are part and parcel of his job, this incident was surprising since he lost his job because of it.
What happened was that someone complained that another car was blocking the driveway up to the lobby. Being a diligent worker, he immediately took the effort to drive the buggy up to the Mercedes and explained to the lady (PRC) that parking at the foyer was not allowed.
However, she starting scolding at him and said that she was a VIP and had the right to park anywhere she wanted. When he tried to explain again, she got out of the car and shouted at him and tried to swing her handbag at my dad.
As it turns out, the lady was really a VIP whose husband had friends on the club’s committee. Full story

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