PRC graduate from LKYSPP: Singapore's local culture is flawed - "neither fish nor fowl", 29 May 2013
If Singapore wants to continue riding on China's growth, mastering English and Chinese language will not be enough. Singapore needs to foster more "bicultural talent" and strengthen its cultural underbelly. As a nation of immigrants, Singaporean culture is described as a mixture of mainly British, Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures. However, just like its Singlish, Singapore's local culture seems to be flawed, as it is "neither fish nor fowl."
There is a saying that if political reforms need six months and economic reforms need six years, then cultural reforms may require at least 60 years. Since Singapore's independence in 1965, it has fortunately built a strong institutional culture emphasizing peace, progress, justice, equality and democracy—the flag's five stars. However, even after 48 years, Singapore still lacks a vibrant social culture. A survey in 2012 revealed that Singapore's society is perceived by its citizens as competitive, self-centered, elitist and grumbling. Full story