OPINION: Singapore’s do-not-call list disappoints with last-minute changes to provide 'exemption' for firms

Techgoondu.com, 26 Dec 2013
Just days before landmark privacy regulations are to come into effect in Singapore, the government regulator has suddenly changed its mind and decided it’s okay for companies to continue sending users telemarketing messages as long as they have an “ongoing relationship” with the companies.
Despite already saying no to such messages, phone users will still receive SMSes or faxes, say, to sign up for related services even after January 2, 2014, the day a do-not-call list comes into effect.
Simply put, the say-no-to-spam list that you have signed up this past month is not enough to keep annoying phone spammers away. You still have to unsubscribe individually to each company – just like before the long-deliberated privacy law had been drawn up. Full story

Singapore adds Do-Not-Call 'exemption' for firms with existing customers - ZDNet
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