OPINION: Little India riot - an “accident waiting to happen”

The Online Citizen, 9 Dec 2013
In this connection, on the same day (8 December), I had just written an article, “The alternative news in 1 day? (part 4) about how “We may arguably, have become a nation renowned for the exploitation of foreign and low-wage Singaporean workers … Since he was earning $13 a day or about $400 a month about 31 years ago, and I understand that construction workers are now being paid as little as $18 a day – the pay may have decreased in real terms by about 22 per cent after 31 years”.
When disgruntled and aggrieved workers have apparently, no practical effective avenues to turn to, to voice and seek redress for their grievances? – Remember the bus drivers’ strike over pay and living conditions, and the 2 workers’ who climbed the cranes over their pay dispute? (“Helping desperate workers: Stranger than fiction? (Part 2)“, Dec 9, 2012 – almost exactly 1 year before the riot now) Full story
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