Online petition to Tan Chuan-Jin to take PR out of local manpower quota, 1 Dec 2013
Pink IC and Blue IC right now are considered as one identity for foreign quota for work permit holder and "S" Pass.
Something is not right here. PR are not the citizen of Singapore and is only rightful stay in Singapore. PR have the right to go back to their own country if they choose to leave Singapore at the end of the day. This create uneven playing field for Singaporean.
True, PR need to contribute to CPF and taxes as well. But when they decide to leave Singapore and live elsewhere, they can withdraw all the CPF money when they leave. Singaporean can only withdrew if they give up Singapore Citizenship.
In order to protect Singaporean the right to gainfully employed in Singapore, PR should be excluded in the quota equation when employing Work Permit and "S' Pass foreigners.
In this petition, we sincerly hopes that the Ministry of Manpower to consider removing the PR from the Singaporean quota to protect Singaporean their fair share of employment especially in the PMET sector. Link