MOE scholar allegedly posted derogatry remarks about Indian migrant workers after Little India riot

The Real Singapore, 10 Dec 2013

"Ok so at a very technical/ genetic level, they are humans. But I am not talking technically here. My point is they are not the ‘same kind’ of humans we are. They have different cultural and moral bearings and these differences need to be acknowledged so that we can decide how to deal with this group of people.
To show you the differences, am going to highlight four main areas in which these indians/banglas differ from us. For some of you, these revelations about their cultural aspects and moral bearings might be shocking. I’ve tried my best to link all my examples to the relevant source articles for further readings."
"We must also acknowledge that they cannot reason/ understand as much reason as we’d like to. The average IQ if people from India is 82, whereas the average of IQ of Singaporeans is 109. this is a huge difference in intellectual capability. Therefore, it would not be very reasonable for us to expect them to understand our rationale for doing things our way." Full story

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