Migrant Workers' Plight In The Spotlight: Bangladeshi worker yet to receive workers' compensation for more than a year after accident

South China Morning Post, 19 Dec 2013
Mohamed Juwel was excited when he left home in Dhaka, Bangladesh in July 2011.
His destination was Singapore - a place his friends referred to as a "dream country".
It was a place where one could earn and save a good deal of money and return to Bangladesh flush with cash.
His plan was to work in the wealthy city-state as an electrician at construction sites for about five years and return home to expand his small clothing business, currently being run by his cousin.
But that dream quickly turned into a nightmare.
After falling off a ladder at a construction site and suffering a herniated spinal disc, he says he is unable to lift anything heavier than 5kg and experiences intense back pain at times.
He has yet to receive workers' compensation more than a year since the accident. Full story

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