Influx of foreign players in S.League has deprived development of local players, says Singapore Coach Bernd Stange, 12 Dec 2013
An article on Singapore coach Bernd Stange, published on a Malaysian site earlier this week, drew the ire of local football fans and even players, after the German was quoted complaining about the standard of the S.League.
In a post titled, ‘Watch S-League? I’d rather have a cup of coffee’, Stange reportedly claimed that the influx of foreign players has weakened the development of local players, and he had stopped attending S.League matches as a result.
"I see hope in this team (Singapore U23 team at the SEA Games) but sadly players are hard to come by nowadays," the 65-year-old claims in the interview.
The S-League (sic) is full of foreign players…five per team. These foreigners are key players in every department. This deprives the locals. That is why local players do not get the exposure to develop their football career.
“I have stopped going to the S-League matches. I would rather have a cup of coffee in a coffee shop and watch TV." Full story
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