Disgraced marathon runner Tam Chua Puh admits he has been cheating ‘for years’

Examiner.com, 5 Dec 2013
It takes a special kind of athlete to run a marathon. An extreme level of fitness and training coupled with the drive and determination to push your body to the extremes. Or, just a gutless desire to cheat.
The latter was the case for a Singapore pastry chef, 43-year-old Tam Chua Puh, who admitted to his cheating ways, and furthermore said he’s been deceiving race organizers for years, reports the AFP via Yahoo! News on Thursday.
Tam said that out of the 42 km Singapore race, he had only run six kilometers before stopping because of knee pain. He then took a “short cut” to the finish line, coming in several minutes ahead of the rest of the pack. Full story
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