Singapore’s Exploited Immigrant Workers

The Daily Beast, 8 Nov 2013
For Zahir (not his real name), the wealthy city-state of Singapore was meant to be his chance to make it rich. The Bangladeshi was so convinced it would be worth his while to move there that he paid $8,000 to a training center in his home country for placement as an electrician with a construction subcontractor.
It took him three years of hard work to earn that money back. Six years later, he finds himself laid low with multiple injuries from a workplace accident and an uncertain future. He is unable to work or earn an income, yet required to stay in the country until the government ministry concludes their investigation into his case—the only means by which he could receive any compensation for his injuries.
Zahir's story is typical of the steep price paid by low-wage migrant workers who are helping the island nation with its non-stop progress. Singapore is small in size but not in ambition. New buildings spring up all the time, with others torn down, refurbished or rebuilt. Full story
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