OPINION: SPH should publicly apologize to Nicole Seah and Steven Goh - Willis Wee

Techinasia.com, 27 Nov 2013
Dear SPH,
I’m sorry, but your recent articles (here and here) on Nicole Seah and Steven Goh just stink so badly. Pardon my language in this open letter, but I can no longer stand the bullshit because I’m allergic to it. Your articles contain a lot of mistakes that a big, traditional media company shouldn’t be making.
Your lack of accountability in the articles is unforgivable. If a blog like ours cares about seeing things from both sides of the coin, then you’d better starting learning the ropes of good journalism. Rather, you chose to blatantly accuse Nicole that he is seeing a married man Steven, making her look like a bitch. You failed to seek Nicole for her side of the story.
That’s not right. Steven was married but no longer, unfortunately. Your initial headlines unnecessarily sensationalized the news which brought you many clicks and much criticism from your readers.
You were pressured and that was when you made the second grave mistake. You sneakily changed your headline and edited your story without explaining what went wrong and why the article needed a change. Full story

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