OPINION: PAP must reflect why are Singaporeans cheering the hacks

Wikitemasek.wordpress.com, 2 Nov 2013
When some anonymous hackers paralyzed Singapore gov.sg websites today, Singaporeans are not sensing a fear of what to come. It may be a direct cyber attack to the PAP government, yet Singaporeans are cheering. So loud it almost felt like National Day. For the first time in history, the PAP government is under the attacks of international anonymous hackers under a decentralized collective entity called Anonymous. It is technically inaccurate to call Anonymous a group because it has no leaders, organizational structure and anyone can simply perform a stunt like today and sign off “Anonymous” – so long it answers the people’s prayers.
It was a sad day for PAP. Despite having so many SAF generals at helm, they did not know what to do. They attempted a SAF-style cover up, calling the series of DDOS attacks “planned maintenance”. But it is just painfully obvious.  Full story

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