OPINION: Dear journalists, stop spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt in Anonymous coverage - Laurence Putra

Techinasia.com, 12 Nov 2013
So a few days ago, right after an image of an Anonymous YouTube video embedded on the Singapore Prime Minister Office’s (PMO) site started appearing on the interwebs, news sources have been reporting that the PMO website got hacked.
On behalf of every single decent software developer in Singapore, let me say this once: this is not a hack.
Even the less tech-savvy folks can guess that the contents of the ‘hack’ can be found within the URL. This means that someone had to type that in in order to see the contents or insert that into the search bar. Nothing on the server was compromised, therefore, this was not a hack, which by definition involves breaking into a server or website from a remote location to steal or damage data. Full story
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