OPINION: Arrest of "The Messiah" Raises More Questions than Answers

Asingaporeanson.blogspot.sg, 13 Nov 2013
Q1- If "The Messiah" was arrested on the 28th of Oct, why did PM Lee Hsien Loong vowed to "spare no effort" to hunt down Anonymous Hackers on the 6th of Nov. Will the men under his charge not tell their boss that the culprit had already been arrested a week before he actually told everyone that Singapore would be sparing no effort hunting down a hacker who was supposed to be already arrested, screaming for help in the IMH. So does the PM know a thing or does he not?
Q2- Reports specifically highlighted that the suspect was charged for hacking The Straits Times blogs, the PCF website and Sun Ho's website. All of us knew that these were not the only websites that encountered downtime in the past week. Just early today, the website of The Straits Times was down for a noticeably long period before they restored service. But they are quick to segregate these websites as either under maintenance. Not hacked. Why? Is it because no more websites are supposed to be hacked since "The Messiah" was in custody since the 28th of Oct? Full story