OPINION: 14 statistics that all Singaporeans should be aware of - Leong Sze Hian

Leongszehian.com, 9 Nov 2013
1)Poverty in Singapore grew from 16% in 2002 to 28% in 2013
2)We have the highest income inequality among the developed countries, and one of the highest in the world
3)Our government has one of the highest national reserves and surpluses in the world, and we have the highest national reserves per capita in the world
4)Our government spends the least public spending for Singaporeans, as compared to the other developed countries
5)The MediShield Fund has set a target Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 200% (currently 165%) – the highest in the world?
6)Because the government had spent only 31% for the total health expenditure, Singaporeans had to fork out-of-pocket 69% of the expenditure
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