Netizens slams Philippine government for making money out of typhoon victims by selling basic goods on 'ground zero'

Manila Standard Today, 27 Nov 2013
CRITICS have slammed the government’s inefficiency in aiding the victims of super typhoon “Yolanda,” but another state-sponsored activity in that area is being criticized by netizens for being inappropriate.
“Diskwento Caravan,” a program initiated by the Department of Trade and Industry, offers goods like bread, milk, coffee, bottled water, canned goods, rice and noodles at 10- to 30-percent discount to the people who were devastated by the storm and presumably had little or no money.
The news on the program is being circulated online and drawing comments like “insensitive” and “outright wrong” from the public.
Said social media user hcsl: “The people of Tacloban City were left [with] no choice but to [buy] they might die [of] hunger if they [depended] on the little amount of food being distributed by the Philippine government. Full story

Philippine government, selling goods to the victims of super typhoon. - CNN iReport